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Most activities are associated with a process and a process consists of several activities. The process should deliver a result based on interdisciplinary cooperation with an overall end-to-end focus. For Vince, it's about using our expertise in ERP / M3, and our experience from the business to create viable and continuous processes for our customers. This includes process management and knowledge on how the interaction between the various departments work together to create a result, that provides the best value to the customer.

In daily operations, it is essential that processes are working, are optimal and that the activities are interrelated. So it also is for deliveries in a project. Processes consist of activities, and activities consist of measures. Vince's methodology ensures both that the project has continuous processes and activities, and that the deliveries in the project are related to the customers business processes. To ensure that both are met, Vince ensures that the proper expectations are established and that a project are divided into appropriate phases. Through an initiation phase, the necessary documentation in order to ensure efficient management of the subsequent phases and deliverables are established. In short, the project is delivered with a phase-by-phase basis. With this method you will be able to achieve a high level of efficiency in the project, and are well suited to deliver what the customers want. This can include both smart solutions in ERP / M3, or implementation of tools designed to improve the entire or major parts of a process.