Vince Item Organizer

A tool that seamlessly integrates with Infor M3 ERP System and helps companies to collect, Enrich, Create and Maintain all technical and marketing informations of their catalogs and products!

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Unique features in VIO

Import Engine

VIO's import engine is designed to support various file formats e.g. XML, CSV, XLS et cetera. Just select the file, map the fields and import item data into VIO.

Configurable GUI's

VIO is designed to support customizable GUI's, column layouts and Pane layouts. Focus on the Item information instead of finding the item information.

Rules Engine

VIO has an in-built rules engine which supports an array of possible rules to be defined and prioritized. Whats more, you can also import different rule-sets via Excel.

Extensive Search

VIO follows spreadsheet workflow and Microsoft interactions principles, so it is easy to search, view items, and update one or more items easily.


Customize VIO to behave exactly the way you want by using the Auto-Jobs engine. Decide which steps you want to automate and how often do you want it to run.


Keep track of all modifications directly, decide what should be updated and what should not be! If you want manual control of certain attributes, VIO supports it.

Elegance, Power, and Simplicity

VIO gives IT teams, Item data engineers a power tool for rapid item creation and updates, enterprise manageability and clear visibility into the Item informations. A tool that seamlessly integrates with Infor M3 ERP System and effectively handles the full lifecycle from receiving item information from any source to making it ready for sale by creating or updating all needed informations in Infor M3 ERP system.

The Vince Item Organizer Difference

Integrating data from many sources and formats to offer a unified view. Easy access to lots of information with visually clear customizable GUI’s and layouts. Automate what you want but takeover the control when needed. Improve the realiability and quality of data by Validating all information based on Infor M3 data.

Easy To Get started

We know the speed of every step you have to go through is important - it starts with installation and ends with actual data processing performance. VIO is built on Microsoft .Net Platform, Its easy to install, it actually takes only a few hours to get fully started, even without prior understanding of such tools. We provide online learning materials and knowledgeable support from our consultants to help you get started quickly.

Get Started

Contact us to get a link to Download a fully functional 30-day trial to experience it for yourself. Our expert support is here to help if you have questions.