Vince Excel

Access your M3 data in Microsoft Excel. VXL allows you to use Excel as user interface on top of M3, allowing you to change, add and delete data directly in M3.

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In a NutShell

Unique features in VXL

Maintain data in Excel

User can choose to have all the data in one spreadsheet or get only relevent data as it is easy to merge the data, above all it is extremely user-frinedly.

Configurable GUI's

Configurable GUI's for entering selection criteria makes VXL easy to learn and use. Keep track of full history, Who, When, What!

Configurable Logic

Configurable logic using Infor M3's standard API's with possibilities to extend them further! makes VXL exceptionally flexible and robust.

Easy installation

Version independent, VXL uses One click installation making it easy to implement, setup and learn.

Process automation

Automation, more information..coming soon...

Automated Emails

Automated Emails, more information..coming soon...

VXL Cloud

VXL Cloud, more information..coming soon...

VXL Wizard

VXL Wizard, more information..coming soon...

VXL Community

VXL Community, more information..coming soon...

Elegance, Power and Simplicity

In 2012 we decided to develop a powerful generic solution with full flexibility that allowed the customer to use Excel templates without involving macros. It was important to develop a tool that was both elegant and simple. The solutions were designed to support configurable logic using M3 API’s and configurable GUI’s for entering selection criteria’s. Today more than 20 customers across the world are using VXL.

The Vince Excel Difference

Configurable GUI's and configurable logic makes VXL easy to learn and use. This is what we call the VXL difference. You can manage data in Microsoft Excel, choose to have all the data in one spreadsheet or get only relevant data as it is easy to split the data. This contributes to VXL’s user-friendliness. Excel is used to present data from M3 after an export or before an import.

Easy To Get started

VXL is built on Microsoft .Net platform and is available in cloud. Using one-click installation it is easy to install and within a few hours you will be fully started, even without prior understanding of such tools. We provide online learning materials and knowledgeable support from our consultants to help you get started quickly. We know the speed of every step you have to go through is important - it starts with installation and ends with actual data processing performance.

Get Started

Download a fully functional 30-day trial to experience it for yourself. Our expert support is here to help if you have questions.

Q : Can VXL work with ERP in Cloud?

  A :   Yes, if the ERP has API support, VXL will handle cloud without problem.

Q: How long time does it take to install?

  A :   The installation is on click and only takes a few minutes. Training and set up normally take 0,5 to 1 day.

Q : How does Excel communicate with ERP

  A :   The normal set up is through API’s, but we even support Webservices (no recommended by Vince).

Q : Is it any Excel macro involved

  A :   No, there is no macro programs in excel involved. This means that when server a new update of excel is installed, it will    immediately be compliant with VXL.

Q : How is the security handled?

  A :   VXL follows the security setting given in the ERP, but can even overrule it but security setting in VXL to limit the options    even further

Q : What is the pricing model and cost for VXL

  A :   VXL is subscribed per company by number of users. For up to 5 users, the subscription is around 5000 USD per year.